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Starting July, Intermix Radio will start Spotlighting Black Owned Businesses in Atlanta.  An entire show, 2-4 hrs will be dedicated to the business, with interviews and giveaways for the listeners.  To be included in the list of Black Owned Businesses to be selected, send your business name, address, primary contact and giveaway options to:

Hello Intermix Radio Family!  We had the pleasure of doing our First Black Owned Business Spotlight at Club Brothers Social Club On July 24, 2022.  We interviewed The owners, Doc & Lyn Flowers.  We had a special guest appearance from Nigel Perkins, The Soul Singer, Bostivity, the Digital Coloring Book Designer, Marcella Callaway of Marcella Music Marketing and Mr. World Famous.

We had several callers promoting their products and businesses, including the following:

Chef Da Entertainer - Music Entertainer

Black Koffe - The Soul Chain Entertainer

Talkgotto - Artist/Photographer/Videographer

Tamela McKenny - Business Acceleration

Rayo Reiki - Safe Trip Movers

Deseret Collins - Designs & Bling

Karmel Brown - Author/Organizer

We are still taking suggestions for the next Black Owned Business to spotlight.

Send your suggestions to

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